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Which scorpions are least dangerous?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Leon945, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Ryan C.

    Ryan C. Arachnoprince

    No im not going by Manny Rubio's book, Im going by the sting reports of each species. They are not overly dangerous, All scorpions can be fatal. It depends on a lot of things. If your allergic, how much venom injected, the size of the scorpion. I don't see C. vittatus and C. hentzi as dangerous, medically significant scorpions. If you use common sense its almost impossible to get stung such as always using forceps and never sticking your hand in the cage and I'm getting tired of hearing they are "aggressive" but I dont think I lucked out with 6 specimens.
  2. Lol, I'm not sure we're arguing about the same thing. I'm in agreement with you that C. vittatus are not considered a hot species. I'm considering getting some when I'm not flat broke, and I don't keep anything that I consider to have a potent enough venom to be a serious threat to my health (with the exception of various deviations from common reactions such as allergic reactions). The only thing I was really saying was I probably wouldn't recommend the species to someone looking specifically for a scorpion with very weak venom. By the way, since you keep C. Vittatus, I was wondering, do you know a ballpark estimate of how many will live together in a ten gallon tank? I plan on setting up a larger setup, but I figure knowing how many per ten gallon, will give me a rough figure for the larger tank.

    Last edited: Apr 20, 2006
  3. Leon945

    Leon945 Arachnosquire

    I really like this forum! lol!
    I'm not getting a C. vittatus.. so don't worry too much either.. hehe..
    thanks guys:clap:
  4. Ryan C.

    Ryan C. Arachnoprince

    Dont know how many you could fit in a ten gallon, a ton to say the least. Im currently keeping 5 in a 5 gallon which could easily around 10-15 more if I put some more bark in.

  5. Thanks for the info :). I'm hoping to get a colony going in a 3 foot by 1.5 foot tank thats about 1.5 feet tall, its not really a tall cage, but due to the floor space, I figure I can fit a decent amount of bark in if I angle it, I figure maybe an inch or 2 of bed-a-beast (coconut fiber), and a couple sheets of cork bark leaning against the side of the cage and one laying flat. Do you think that would accomodate a decent number of scorps? I figure I'll try to get four of them to start, like 2 males 2 females, as I probably won't be able to afford more than that (minor's budget lol) and hopefully they will breed. Any advice on keeping em is much appreciated.

  6. Ryan C.

    Ryan C. Arachnoprince

    Well for the cage set-up I've posted recent pictures of my enclosure in the enclosure thread. I probably have .5" of bed-a-beast in mine. Keep them dry with a water dish. If you get males and females you should have babies in no time they are prolific breeders. If you like you can click the link in my sig and check out the caresheet I made for them.
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