What is the most rare T in the trade?


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Nov 15, 2010
vittata are red hot right now as well. People offering large $s for them.

I will try to find out what stock will be for Pomona (Jan 7th weekend) if you are willing to travel. We have had both on and off over the last year.
Perhaps we may have one or both
I’m stuck in Seattle for the next 6 months or so unfortunately. However, I have family in CA that may be willing to pick them up for me. Can I DM you?


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Dec 17, 2021
species like Papmphobeteus Solaris are hard to come across
Has anyone mentioned Pamphobeteus sp solaris? Very hard to come by, always insanely expensive, price hasn't gone down for... well ever.
Really? Here they certainly are extremely expensive, just behind A. moore, but they have become fairly available. Almost every reputable seller have them in stock.


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May 30, 2017
T selidonia takes to cake.
T. seladonia is around here and there. People are breeding them in the USA, but the reason why it seems so rare is because it's a lot of investment and money to buy them. With each CB generation in the hobby, they are seemingly becoming more hardier and do much better in captivity also with the combined efforts of learning about their care as well over time from breeders and keepers alike. I still see them quite a bit at local shows and expos.

I feel like I see those for sale more than P. solaris
P. solaris is something that has a male drought problem for a long while. Unless you buy a sling or get lucky buying a sexed male P. Solaris. You're probably stuck with females you can't breed. A lot of people reach dead ends when it comes to P. solaris because no one cannot locate any males within the USA hobby. So more often than not, you're going to see sub-adult/adult female P. solaris for sale often. And when someone does have a male, they are usually some nobody (no offense) with no breeder ot market experience requesting for a loan. A lot of breeders hate loans believe it or not. Because essentially another person is profiting offspring from your own hard work. And although both sides may or may not get slings, it's still kind of wrong in most breeders view. I feel the same way at times to be honest, which is why we usually just try to buy the males outright at times.