what is going on with my scorpions(they ALL started brawling)


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Jan 6, 2007
so i have kept 4 forest scorpions in a 12'' by 12'' tank for just over 2 month with out any problems,

however today i finished setting up a larger tank for them and within the first 20 minutes in there my largest one got in a fight with my smaller one, it was holding it's claws in it's own claws while the smaller one stung it in the claw.

now i know this is also possibly a mating behavior but as one is litteraly 3x the size of the smaller one i did not think the smaller one is mature enough to mate.

and now for the wierdest part, i was just chilling playing some Gears of war on xbox live with my friends when all of a sudden a ball of 3 scorpions litterally exploded out of thier burrow and tumbled then seperated and the 3 scorpions started going at it then out of no where the largest scorpion rushed out of the burrow into the melee and started clubing one of the scorpions with it's tail while pushing it with it's claws then the other two ran away while these two stared each other down, the smaller one started to do a little vibrating dance while wagging it's tail from left to right then it chased the larger scorpion back into the burrow.

granted i had to break them up with a pen and then they went back to being normal and sleeping in a big heep like they always do,
is this behavior because i put them in a new tank? or is it just an anomaly, i have never seen them get aggresive like that let alone all at the same time.


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Mar 26, 2005
i agree.. it sounds like what happened with my emps when i moved them into a larger enclosure. An all out brawl for territory that lasted for a day or so then everything calmed down.