Well, I done did it


Old Timer
Jan 1, 2003
My avic. has departed. I bought the A. seemanni already (don't remember if I posted that before LoL) and traded the avic. in for a new 10 gallon tank and a locking top for it.

The seemanni is pretty calm most of the time (though she has had a few spaz attacks ;) ), and she's much bigger and prettier. The tank, however, is pretty plain. I had a half log I was going to use, but when I pulled it out of the old tank it seemed to have something growing on it, so I tossed it rather than taking a chance. I remember seeing a thread that had some wonderful pics of someone's seemanni burrowing like an escaping convict, but I can no longer find it. Could someone please send it to me, or give me the name of the thread. I need some ideas, and a friend wanted to see, also.