versicolor molted


Old Timer
Feb 28, 2007
Well,this morning I went into my tarantula closet to check on my 14 kids and low and be hold one of them was in what looks to be the molting process.

Yesterday afternoon one of my two versicolors came out of its hide that it had be in for two weeks straight. This to me was very odd because when it came out of its hide it didn't get any food. then it had a hard time walking on the walls and when it was walking on the fake leaves it was walking really lightly as if all its feet were hurting..

When i went in there this morning he was in a corner on the opposite side of the tank kind of like with the front of his body and the back of his body facing inwards like the letter C and when I looked from the top he had webbing covering his back from side to side.

It doesn't look like there is enough for him to molt in the small space he gave his self. but then when I thought about it, I was thinking how when aboreals molt and just normally make webs, they litterally make their own beds to sleep in and they know the size of the bed they need.

So what I did was Turn on the humidifer I have in there which will last up to 12 hours so by the time I get home from work today at 5:30pm he / should be done molting. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

(on a side note: I notice that before it went into a molting process it was kind of trying to make a web in a circular motion on the wall but nothing came out..does anyone know why?)

(I did just post this now but i originally posted it in a different T forum this morning but no kind of comments so I'm putting it here again...)

I"m home now and my Versicolor had a good molt.. i looked at it and its legs are like a very light blue so light they look see through. I'm going to leave him alone but I'll take a picture of him a littler later because i had a question...about what size he may be now..


Old Timer
Jan 14, 2007
congrats on the sucessful molt! i, for one, am looking forward to the pics. these are beautiful t's. i'd love to see one in all it's post-molt wonder and glory