Update On Chinese Mantid Nymphs

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Old Timer
Dec 11, 2006
Wow !! These little guys are growing fast. Many of them are near the 1 1/2 inch mark. They are in their L3 stage. These guys/gals are definatly too big for D. melnaogaster now. D. hedia are an apropriate size, but I fear they will out grow them within a couple of weeks. They are so pretty, most of them seem to be getting that brilliant green color, while a minority of them seem to be turning brown. I wonder what triggers the difference in color from the same ootheca. I read it was environmental or the food source, but they have been kept together and fed the same thing. So, is it genetic or sexual dimorphism? Thats a good question that needs to be answered. I love these mantids. They are not afraid of me and willingly climb onto my hand. They are curious and almost seem intelligent. When they look at you it almost seems like you can see their little brains whirling away.

I only have 3 of the European Mantis nymphs left. But, I have had them for about 3 weeks now. They are still in the 1 gallon jar together. They just entered their L2 stage, I know this because I found a shed skin in their home. These guys are still very tiny and D. melanogaster are still the right size for them.

I am hoping other people can share their thoughts and experiences with mantids in general and these 2 species in particular.