Upcomming show and some updates

Cheo Samad

Jan 2, 2017
Hey guys, I havent posted much in a couple weeks. Started a new job and have been VERY busy. Never worked 50 hours a week before so it's taking some getting used to.

For starters, my second Chromatoplema cyaneopubescens molted last night which I'm happy about. I suspected premolt about a week and a half ago so it feels good to know I was right. Both of mine have molted now.

Also both of our G porteri are doing great. The big female finally ate for the first time in our care and the sling ate after refusing food for a week or so in post molt. It is now nice and plump and will be off food for a while less it explodes haha.

Finally, the hamburg reptile show is coming up this weekend and my and my girlfriend have some wide eyes for this one. She has so far ordered a P irminia and a B albo and I'm still waiting to see what I end up with. Doing my best to be patient and wait for the show, as opposed to ordering a bunch of stuff in advance, and then falling in love with a sale at the show, and not having any money left. We'll see if I can hold out for 4 more days.

The only thing I'm 'on the lookout for' is a B auratum. Havent seen them for sale recently and I prefer them to B smithi (or whatever it is now. I know theres been a name change but it's confusing as ever)

Anyway, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods. If any of you will be at the show this saturday I would love to meet some new faces. Hope everyone week is going great. I included a horrible picture of my C cyan from this morning. I obviously can't open the enclosure and even if I could theres no way for me to see inside its little web burrow.


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