Tug of war


Sep 4, 2010
Has anyone else played Tug of war with a scorpion before? I was feeding my arachnids and when it came time for 2 communal adult Emperor scorpions but I could only spot 1 so I dropped in a superworm and it snatched it right away then proceeded to march around the enclosure proudly. About an hour later I saw the other one was out so i decided to drop in a second worm. The worm wiggled out of the forceps and it fell in front of the first scorpion, the scorpion snatched it with half a worm still in its mouth. This scorpion did not need any more food and I don't want it leaving leftovers underground so I grabbed it with my forceps thinking the scorpion would drop it. To my surprise the big girl hung onto it and started to pull, I started to pull back and it still held on. Pretty soon it was an all out tug-of-war with this scorpion I ended up dragging it across the enclosure then it grabbed the forceps with its other claw and started pinching it. Pretty soon it dropped it and ran away but it was an interesting display of behavior.