T's food question


Old Timer
Jul 22, 2002
A couple months back I ordered about a thousand meal worms out of impulse. Since then, I have dedicated a ten gallon tank to them and they've been morphing into beetles, eat, and procreate. I have decided to use the beetles as the main source of food for my T's. Anything wrong with this? I know, beetles burrow and can pose a threat to the T during molt. When I feed the T's, I always wait to see if the T will take the food. If the T doesn't doesn't accept the sacrificial offering, then I would remove the beetle right away. So far so good. Anything wrong with using beetles as live offerings?

By the way, just struck me. We are treating the T's like gods. Just think, we are actually giving them live sacrificial offerings in the hope that they would accept the offerings. Sounds like ancient mythology to me.


There is not a problem with feeding the beetles to your tarantula at all. In fact it is good for the variety. As long as the tarantula is big enough to take it out, no worries.