T's Don't molt..


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Apr 21, 2003
I was wondering how often a T is supposed to molt...once a year?? I am not sure so i am asking...I also have had my A. avic for a year and a half and it has molted once.....Normal??? I have had a G. rosea for a while now and I think i got it after a molt....but what must i do to encourage a molt..moisture, temp., food?? or a combo of them??


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Apr 5, 2003
as they get older, they molt less and less... it all depends on evironmental conditions, i believe...

i am one of the people that basically thinks there are a number of set molts in a T's life.. and you can speed that up or slow that down, depending on their conditions.. I mean, this HAS to happen in the wild alot... the weather is NEVER exactly the same each year..and population distribution of the predator/prey cycle..

man, alright.. getting back to the point, how old are your T's? Rather, howbig are they?

you can't neccessarily speed up a molt, but you can powerfeed, and raise the temp to engage the feeding response... the more the feed,the bigger they get, the more they'll molt is how it BASICALLY / THEORETICALLY / GENERALLY goes... it works mostly for slings and juvies...

once they get older, however, there tends to be longer amounts of time between molts.

i dont like to powerfeed my slings.. i like to feed them more than i would my adults, but not powerfeed.

good luck! (how big are your T's anyways?)



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Apr 21, 2003
My A. avic is adult, her size is about 4 1/2 - 5 inch leg span, my G. rosea is just a juv. yet, about a 3 - 3 1/2 inch span, and my H. lividum is a full grown adult about the size of my hand...and i am 6'1"..so go figure the size..cause i aint getting that close to it... (she's mean..!!! :))


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Jan 23, 2003
Would you think if someone powerfed a sling to adult size.. would it still molt and just not grow? ive never seen a powerfed spider.. so i dont know how it works after they reach full size:confused:


Vayu Son

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Jul 19, 2002

Here is all my molt records, hope it helps.



Avicularia braunshauseni
Recieved from holley thompson 10/31/02 about 1"
molt: week of 03/17/03

Avicularia versicolor
Recieved from holley thompson 10/31/02 a little over 1"
Molt: 2/12/03 and: female ;)
molt: 5/22/03

Brachypelma albopilosum #'s 1-10
recieved from Jeremy Brock 10/31/01 1/2"

molt: 12/3/02

molt: 12/3/02

123: some molts 5.03

Brachypelma albopilosum C181502
recieved from Gail Hovanec week of 11/18/02 recieved by Gail from paul becker at 8/15/02 1/4"
molt :9/3/02 1/3"
molt: 9/20/02 1/2"
molt: 10/10/02 1"
molt: 11/1/02 1.25"

Citharischius crawshayi a.k.a "killer cheeto"
Recieved from holley thompson and shelby
10/31/02 about 3" guess: female?
molt: 3/31/02 with holley

Cyriopagopus thorelli
recieved from todd gearheart 12/14/02
molt: 2/14/03
Molt: sometime in 5.03

Eupalastrus campestratus #1 P681502 P1081502
Recieved from Gail Hovanec week of 11/18/02 Gail recieved them from paul becker 8/15/02 less than 1/4"
molt: 8/19/02 1/4"
molt: 9/12/02 1/3"
molt: 10/4/02 1/2"
molt: 10/26/02 almost 1"
molt: 11/28/02

Grammastola rosea
recieved from reptile outlet 6/26/02 WC? adult female 3-4 years ls: 4"
Mated 8/20/02 male got several good inserts 'fore making a break for it.
8/24/02: male left to cohabitate with female overnight. Female found missing right leg I. ICU.
9/28/02: put back into regular terrarium.
10/24/02: put into ten gallon since I think she is preggy
molt:12/31/02 damn

Grammastola rosea
recieved from reptile outlet 1/03 WC? unsexed 4"

Grammastola pulchra
recieved from Art Cerda 4/04/03 1/2"
molt: week of 4/14/03

Haplopelma lividum
recieved from reptile outlet 7/10/02 spiderling unsexed 3/4"
Molt: week of 7/28/02
molt: week of 9/8/02
molt: week of 10/06/02?
molt: 10/21/02 1.5" - 2"
10/24/02: first signs of aggression, struck at tongs in little baby threat dance
molt: 5/04 2"

Heteroscodra maculata "Peep II"
recieved from reptile outlet 8/20/02 spiderling unsexed 1 1/2"
molt: week of 9/15/02
molt: 11/9/02 2.5"
molt: 2/23/03

Latrodectus sp. Identified as geometricus female
adopted 5/10/03

Paraphysa scrofa
recieved from Swift's Invertebrates 5/30/02 spiderling unsexed Ls: 1/4"
molt: 6/17/02 new ls: 1/2"
molt: week of 7/28/02 new ls: about the same ;)
molt: 9/6/02 new ls: haha
molt: 10/20/02
molt: 4/08/03

Poecilotheria fasciata
6/03/02 reclassified as Poecilotheria fasciata (lacking abdominal band, purplish sheen on carapace)
recieved from reptile outlet: 12/14/01 adult female 3-5 yrs
Molt 8*) 5/28/02 old ls: 6" new:6.5"

Poecilotheria ornata
recieved from Art Cerda 4/04/03 1"
molt: 4/08/03
probably male

Poecilotheria rufilata
recieved from todd gearheart 12/14/02
molt: week of 03/16/03
molt: 5/23/03

Poecilotheria striata
recieved from spiderpatch 10/22/02 unsexed a little over 1 1/2"
laid on 12/11/01
hatched on 2/01/02
began eating solid food 2/24/02
molt: 12/9/02
molt: 2/11/03
molt: 5/03

Psalmopoeus cambridgei
recieved from Swift's Invertebrates 5/30/02 spiderling unsexed Ls: 1"
molt: 6/19/02 new ls: 1 1/2"
molt: 7/19/02 new ls:
molt: week of 8/19/02 new ls: 2"
molt: week of 10/06/02 new ls: 3"
molt: 11/21/02 FEMALE!!!
molt: 2/23/03
molt: 5/23/03