Think I lost my first juvenile-adult tarantula


Jan 28, 2016
Do you mean the times between molts or the actual recovery after the molt? I think I notice this with my chromatopelma, she is still pretty quick back on her feet but when smaller she was roaming the terrarium in a day or so, now that she is an adult things take much longer (several days before she is really climbing arround again).
Yes, the older they get the longer it takes them to full harden up after molting. They can move without being fully recovered but it's not as good for them. If they are not disturbed mine will often stay in the same spot during the whole process.


Jul 27, 2016
I had one more interesting event regarding my female Tapinauchenius cupreus. A week after molt I could tell that it was safe to feed her. She also acted like she might be getting active but both sides of her burrow were still plugged. I ended up putting a couple live crickets in the container and could tell that she detected them at some point but got no results. I then put a prekill cricket (still kicking) on top of the front entrance of her burrow. It was kind of funny because she got snug up against the plugged entrance but acted like she didn't know how to open the door. I finally ended up pulling some of the substrate away from the door and pushed the cricket through. She immediately grabbed it.

So this activity has taught me that Avic's are not the only T that sometimes hesitates in returning to open container after being in a sealed hide for a while. But I suppose it is controversial on whether we should help them.
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