They Arrived!!!


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Apr 15, 2007

Well, after much stress and worry BOTH of my packages arrived by two different mail carriers - other than my regular carrier.

i think it is definitely a Paypal/USPS issue. i paid for overnight but it appears the package from AL was marked 2 day - even though my PO says it could have been overnight and the other package from RI had no type of delivery marked.

In fact when i called and spoke with somebody this morning they told me the package from AL was delayed because it had the wrong zip code on it. i had a feeling that was a bunch of bunk and it was. Both packages were addressed correctly, paid to be shipped Express overnight and this whole thing was a mess. From the few threads i've read, i think there are definitely more problems with USPS Express when purchased through Paypal.

Oh well, i'm just relieved everyone arrived safe and sound. My MM OBT is awesome, my A. avic slings couldn't be cuter and i don't have any words to describe how incredible the adult female A. avic is - and she is the one i'm giving as a gift - Darn it... Just kidding. She is going to my niece so i can still see her everyday.

Thank you EVERYBODY for giving me some support while i was freaking out. i guess in the future i have to calm down but i also read some horrible stories with late shipping so it was hard.

i will post some pics of my new additions shortly.

<edit> sorry, i guess this should have gone in Announcements. i was just so excited i accidently posted in the wrong place. Maybe somebody can move this...
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Aug 13, 2005
In the end, the glass slipper fit huh? Show us what made the wait worthwhile now.

P. Novak

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Sep 12, 2005
Hey that's very good news. I'm glad all made it.

I got some of my packages today and yesterday as well. They all came fine.

Good luck with the P.murinus breeding.