The perfect balance


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Jul 19, 2002
Yesterday as I was caring for my tarantulas (I have 80 at home right now (52 are spiderlings in vials)), I realized that taratulas really provide the perfect balance as far as pets go. You can be as hands on as you want and take a lot of time, or you can let them be, requiring little care, and they do great. Even with 80, I can always find time to care for them. Try and do that with other types of pets.
Anyway, thanks for letting me share. It was an excellent tarantula weekend!
By the way, how many tarantulas do you all own? I'd love to see if I'm way out there with the amount I have, or whether I'm right in line with the rest of you.

By the way, here is my current list of tarantulas:
Acanthoscurria geniculata 2 (White Knee)
Aphonopelma seemani 1 (Costa Rican Zebra)
Avicularia avicularia 3 (Guyana Pink Toe)
Brachypelma albopilosum 2 (Curly Hair)
Brachypelma emilia 1 (Red Leg)
Brachypelma smithi 1 (Red Knee)
Chromatopelma cyanopubescens 1 (Green Bottle Blue)
Citharischius crawshayi 1 (King baboon)
Cyclosternum faciatum 1 (Costa Rican Tiger Rump)
Eucratoscelus longiceps 1 (Stout Leg baboon)
Eupalaestrus campestratus 1 (Pink Zebra Beauty)
Grammostola aureostriata 2 (Chaco Golden Knee)
Grammostola pulchra 3 (Brazilian Black)
Grammostola rosea 2 (Chilean Rose)
Nhandu carapoensis 20 (Brazilian Red)
Pterinochilus chordatus 1 (Chocolate baboon)
Pterinochilus murinus 37 (Usambara baboon)


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Jan 26, 2003
You can see on my signature what I own. So, no I don't think you're out of line with all that you own, as I'm always looking forward to adding new species to my collection.



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Aug 16, 2002
I'd love to see if I'm way out there with the amount I have, or whether I'm right in line with the rest of you.
You're out there to me. I have one. I'm working on two, if you've noticed my other thread about a.metallica. I would put my list at the end of my signature, but it would look kinda dumb:

Thanks all,

Ts I own:
1. G.Pulchra.

I'm just being silly. I'd like to own a fair amount some day, but I think 80 is still a whole lot.
Do you cut cricket segments for your s'lings to cut down on feeding costs?


Old Timer
Feb 6, 2003
My signature has our list of T's.
And if I could that would expand Drasticly in short periods of time.
Housing and T money is the only thing holding us back form getting.. Way to many more... LOL.

But I agree on the pet care comments.

At this time we have...
1 dog.
2 ferrets
4 cats
6 hamsters
4 guinie pigs
5 bunnies
and the list of T's....

The T's are the easiest to care for and Very Very versitile as a pet.
As you say you can take a day off from your T's, caring for them is easy, and they Just Don;t have the issues other pets do.

I won;t give up our other crazy critters, the twins adore their zoo.

But the T's are My favorite for care providing.

Hands down.


Celestial Spider
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Feb 13, 2003
I keep a small ZOO!!~:0)

I use to have many more than what I have now,
pets that is.......
I had birds and lizards and rats, now I have;
2- dogs
1- cat
~TONS and TONS of plants!
And my little collection of T's, that you will
find at the end~:0)

Pets we are going to add soon;
A Ball python and some Redeyed Tree frogs:0)
And, of course, I'll manage to sneak in a few
more T's

I don't know, is it me, or is there a song here!LOL!=D;P


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Mar 11, 2003
I have got 5 T's now, you can see them in my signature :)
But I remember when I was buying my first Tarantula, someone told me that I would not end up with this first one... And he was right... =D All of the time I'm looking for the next one to buy...
Tarantula's virus or so... :D :D :D =D