Teensy Lil' Spidey


Old Timer
Jun 6, 2005
I don't have pics but I figured if I give enough info maybe I could get an idea of what the heck lil spidey keeps popping up on my hand! (Yes, on my hand, twice). I live in Rhode Island, just for area reference. This summer has been warmer than usual, IMO. So, twice now I've gotten into my truck, rolled down my window, sat there for a minute and poof...tiny little black-brown spider. I mean...tiny. Would probably fit between these two asterisks **. I think they both came from the tree my truck was parked under? Are these two possibly slings of some sort? They're friendly and not skittish...I let the one that was on my hand today explore for about ten minutes and it started casting webs all over me and eventually built a little web over the top of my hand. I deposited it on a bush before I left the house. The other got put in a plant in my mom's yard. I almost wanted to keep the one from today because it was slightly larger than the other one, to see what it developed into, if it was a sling...but I don't have the right stuff so I let it go. Thanks for any info!