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Sep 15, 2010
Saw several T's which I was interested in purchasing so I emailed asking for info and availability. After 3 days with no reply I called and left a message with what I was looking at, my number, and email....again no response.
I waited another few days and sent another email from my other email account without getting a response.

At this point I would usually just give up on someone but there was a female that was a good deal so I called one more time. This time the phone was answered and I asked about the T's I wanted. He said that he had to check if they were still there and to email him again and he would get right back to me. 3rd email sent over a week ago with again no response or calls back regarding the T's. A simple "I dont have them" email back or call would have been fine.....

I see that there are many good reviews here but I must say service seems to be really lacking in my case*shrugs*


Old Timer
Oct 10, 2010
That was where i purchased my first A. purpurea sling.

Aside from being over priced and a bit rude on the phone, i dont recall having any trouble with them.

Perhaps they are suffering some sort of down time?