Tarantula Myths


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May 28, 2003
just didn't see these few noticed taken from "the bible", if you don't know what i mean, then you need to expand your T. library :D

"I swear, that tarantula was a yard (ninety centimeters) across!"
-13in is the largest recorded to date I believe.

"The tarantula bit him while he sat on the latrine!"
-Per Stanley and Marguerite Schultz, most likely a Widow but not a T.

"The tarantula jumped twenty feet (six meters)."
-hopefully people know the difference between jumping and gliding (such as some arboreals can do, jump then "float" but they can't jump over a few centimeters high. anything higher requires a climb and jump then glide.

"They can chase your for miles until they kill you."
-Er...right...what's the best they can do? Like i think some of the toughies can make about 4 feet max before they need to take a breath.

"They are VERY tough."
-When I tell friends that if they want to hold him they need to sit and keep him close to the ground they ask "why?" I tell them...because he will pop like a dropped tomatoe...if dropped from a distance ( even as close or closer then a foot!)

ooh ooh...

"The stevedore was attacked by the tarantula as it crept out of the bananas." (stevedore= unloads cargo, in this case a banana man :D)
-not likely most likely a Phoneutria fera aka The 'Brazillian Wandering' Spider

"They attack in packs..." i love this one
-um...they don't like each other mostly unless they trying to mate :D

those last two remind me of that movie back in the 80's maybe 70's where the coffee came in from like colombia and it was infested with T's (the T's even killed the pilot leading to a crash and their release...they ended up taking over the town, their highly venomous bite killed tons of the town people and they would actively chase citizens...lol please i love u hollywood

i realize you stated you are finished...but extra info is great sometimes...hope we can see your pamphlet when done.

some info from :'The Tarantula Keeper's Guide' Stanley A. Schultz and Marguerite J. Schultz a Barrons book.
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Jan 13, 2003
Thanks! I think, I HOPE actually, that I have included them in some form or another. If there are any that I missed, they probably aren't TOO well known.... I HOPE. Anyway, the ATS is looking it over as we speak, they'll let me know if I'm a brilliant writer:rolleyes: or if I blew chunks!!!!