Tarantula Dealers at Toronto Expos


Grammostola Groupie
Mar 12, 2016
It may have. I was really surprised to hear they let them in the expos when they are banned like that. To me that would be a easy spot to check to rack up fines. The companies that setup these events are liable for what people bring and sale at them. I kinda expected them to be checked for illegal pets etc.
There are lots of loopholes. We ban elephants inside of Toronto too, but that didn't stop the circus from bringing them in every year. There are plenty of loopholes. There are also not enough by-law officers to keep up with all the events that take place in this city every year. The only reason that the organizers are worried is because now we have a high profile case that would warrant the by-law office sending out someone to an expo that has lots of snake dealers attending.
This isn't because of the tarantulas specifically. Snake vendors are at this expo and the organizers are probably afraid of someone showing up to check that there are no banned snakes there and coming across the tarantulas and other inverts.