Taking care


Old Timer
Feb 28, 2007
This i just a post to tell yall that my other T's are doing well.

I have all three of them in the same tank with 2 dividers.

on the end my Phormictopus cancerides is doing well actually it has covered up its hide so i guess its either molting or just wants to be left alone.

my P regalis has is well also, of all places it has made a web from the wall to the floor diagonally next to the water dish and when it gets scared it basically runs under the water dish.

MY A versicolor is in its web not moving too far away from it at any moment so i dont know if its hungry or not..


Should I mist the A versicolor's web?

Should i drop a small cricket ( I have a lot of babies) on the webbing hopefully to get stuck and maybe he'll eat?

Otherwise all my other T's are doing great.

comments / questions and all that are welcomed :D :razz: :D :razz: