Suspected Fungal growth on T :/

Jan Brandscher

Jan 31, 2017
Hey Guys,
About three months ago I bought a Lasiodora difficilis female. She's about 6 inches. Unfortunately I suspect fungus on her pedicel (The part which connects the carapace and abdomen). Im not 100% sure. I saw it while she was grooming. While trying to take a closer look at it she ran into her burrow and hasnt come out ever since. I will try to catch her in the open and take some pics of it. The weird part is that you can only see it when the abdomen is pullen down by "gravity" :D Like when she climbs cause then her two main Bodyparts then spread. And she doesnt climb very often :/. Hope it makes sense to you guys :) Sorry for my bad English. Plus I suspect her to be in Premoult aswell. Incase it turns out to be Fungus is there any way of treatment ? If heard of Isopropanol. Hope you Guys can help me :)
Thanks Jan


Oct 4, 2016
U have it too wet in there. Fungal infections usually happen to humidity dependant species like theraphosa kept too wet with too little ventilation.