Strange little brown acarids?


Old Timer
Jan 9, 2006
Hello from Bulgaria.
I have the folowing question: Before 10 days I realised, that I have very small brown moving dots all around my box with superworms and on the floor of my bathroom where is moist. I have also from the white acarids by the superworms. They are not so big problem for me, but the brown acarids are much smaller and are everywhere (on the superworm beatles, on the superworms, on the substrate and in the food). White acarids just crawl near the food source, not on the beatles and worms.
How can I clear the substrate of the beatles from this nasty brown acarids and are they big threat for them and for my cat (they are in my bathroom)?
There is lots of food, its wet and its very hot. Ideal condition for breeding this acarids. Can somebody tell me little more information for them? From where they come and how can I clear the substrate and my bathroom floor.