Spiders and stuff


Old Timer
Feb 13, 2007
Here are some long-awaited (by me, hehe) photos...

This is Anansi our G. Rosea.

I made up information papers for the tank... one gives information on the G. Rosea, and the other about her name and personal info.

Now... introducing... Biliku! She is our new A. Seemanni :)

Biliku has made a great burrow on the side of the tank, but she comes out and walks about in the evening. After only seeing her front leg out of her tunnel for the past two days, we got a really good photo op this evening!

Sooo... we were riding around town the other day, and my son says "I really want to get that Starwars Monkey". I was REALLY CONFUSED. "You know, the other spider at the pet store... the cool one... Starwars Monkey, right?" My son had misunderstood, and could not remember the name. He was referring to the Starburst Baboon.
So, we are going to go back for her... and we got her tank set up. This was bought as a ornamental bubble aquarium. You know, they have a light and bubbles, and the little plastic fish move up and down... Well, I found it for a few bucks on discount. I took out the light, scraped the plastic fish, cut off the cord, and filled it with good substrate! It is a small hole on top; it is small enough that no spider is going to get out, but air can get in.

Now, here is Kaa's new set up. We have added plastic wrap over most of the top, put an under tank heater under one side, added a hide in the warmer side of the tank, and reduced the size of the water dish. He is super cozy!