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Jan 30, 2010
Individual inquired about a female P. ornata i had for sale. I showed them photos. They said they would like to buy it. I offered to take a paypal payment. He said he would like to pay for it via wetern union. I gave him my info so he could send payment. This was 4 days ago (monday). I asked if he sent it or when he would and got no reply. This individual was online today and had posted a WTB ad...

Would of been nice to at least get a responce letting me know he was no longer interested. :rolleyes:

Its NOT the best idea to hold anything for this person if you would like to actually sell it.


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Oct 31, 2005
I read this thread yesterday and was on the fence as to posting my 2cents regaurding this individual. After reading his reply post attempting to drag another members name into the mud along with his own i felt an obligation to post my expierence/thoughts on the matter.

Ravin commited to buying a adult female P.Ornata from me as well. This was back in mid-November. As he lives in IN we arranged to meet up when he came up my way the following week. Well that day came and whent with no word from him. I ended up calling him back to find out where our situation stood, We spoke briefly and I was give a sad excuse that i dont recall. Once i found out he wasnt a serious buyer I no longer cared.

People should:

1. Have cash in hand before commiting to purchasing
2. Not be using money for a 'luxury item' that they need for Primary expenses
3. Have the common courtesy to inform the other party if something comes up, not just act like its no big deal....Have respect for other individuals time.

Corey Greene


Nov 19, 2010

I got a female ornata from my friend eddie and told you over the phone I could not make it do to our vehicles completely trashing on us and its funny I never thought if someone was interested in something they were.obligated to buying said thing I can say no if I please

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And since you all dont seen.to understand which Corey you know I'm from Australia my fiance tried.commuting suicide... that is way more impo4tant then telling someone I have to wait a day to purchase your spider and as for our deal i had to go back to Australia to restate my visa.... that yet again is more important then my friend Eddie got ahold of ne about his ornata and you wouldn't return my calls So I got his