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Southern California Invert Hunting...

Discussion in 'Field Trips (Natural Habitats)' started by GQ., Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Brent H.

    Brent H. Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I can't tell what the last spider is, but it's not Kukulcania or Loxosceles. The eye pattern looks familiar but I cannot put my finger on it right now... cool pics, though!
  2. GQ.

    GQ. Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Thread Resurrection


    I never did update this thread. I put this cocoon in a 60 dram vial with some pinholes in the lid. I placed it on a bookshelf and didn't offer any other care. I left town for a few days one week and came back to find a nice blue wasp like the one a few posts back. Cool stuff.
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  3. That is what I saw in the Angeles Crest Forest Last Summer! :eek: Very Pretty, Very Cool - TY 4 Pic! - Jason
  4. I don't know about you, but I'm finding a ton of Aneides lugubris (arboreal salamanders) this time of year. Including babies.

    I thought some of the babies I found were dying but once I got them under room temperature, they took termites and earwig nymphs. The oak forest areas you have are great for finding them after a rain. Usually I find them under wood. ;):D
  5. John Apple

    John Apple Just a guy Old Timer

    And I still have that Thevenetti Josh...very black and blue
  6. josh_r

    josh_r Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Good John. Theveneti is one of the coolest spiders in cali as far as I'm concerned. Lets plan a trip out there to get some breeding stock!
  7. hexme

    hexme Arachnopeon

    I live in lakeside. I plan on lookin around mission trails soon
  8. neubii18

    neubii18 Arachnosquire

    Resurection: Some of my finds

    Here are some of my finds to bring this thread back to life:

    Paruroctonus Silvestrii:
    Anuroctonus Pocki(I plan to be breeding these guys this year):
    Typical Threat posture(she just wants a hug:D)
    Frog I found on my window:
    Alligator Lizards:
    This one had some really nice reds!:
    My favorite 2 Scolopendra Polymorpha I've found(I have breeding plans for this species as well):
    Some kind of salamander:
    Unidentified Scorpion Species(probably Pseudoroctonus Sp.)
    Smaller scorpion,probably same species as above,just younger:
    Dysdera crocata:
    Here you can see the massive fangs of this species:
    Large(5"+) blind centipede:
    Unknown species of millipede:

    I'm in Oceanside,where most of these were found.
  9. Pulk

    Pulk Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Cool, looks like the kinds of things I find in Encinitas.
    Good luck breeding the A. pococki!
    Are you sure the geophilomorph is 5"? :eek: I think the largest I've seen is half that.
  10. neubii18

    neubii18 Arachnosquire

    Encinitas isn't too far away from.And it is definately that big,if not a little bigger.The largest I've seen by far.It looks a little different than the ones I usually find.Very strange.
  11. nics

    nics Arachnosquire Old Timer

    awesome looking scorps there! where do you go hunting? :D
  12. compnerd7

    compnerd7 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    nice finds! I live in south oceanside I've seen most, but not all ur finds!:clap:
  13. neubii18

    neubii18 Arachnosquire

    I hunt no further than 5 miles from my house:D
    Very cool.What haven't you found?Maybe we could go collecting together this summer:??
  14. nics

    nics Arachnosquire Old Timer

    thats awesome! i haven't seen scorps around san diego area or i just don't know where to look :?

    i saw a tarantula once in iron mountain but thats it. i always wanted to go out and collect but i just dont know where lol
  15. Midknight xrs

    Midknight xrs Arachnosquire

    Are there any good places to go to in the Long Beach area? Anyone in the Cypress area want to do some hunting this sunday 5/29?
  16. neubii18

    neubii18 Arachnosquire

    Scorpions are almost literally ever where in So Cal.You just have to know how and where to look.Most species around are burrowers,so you need to go out at night with a black light to see them.If anyone ever wants to go,let me know!I'm going out this weekend to a really cool spot where I find S.polymorpha centipedes,as well as S.donensis scorpions that are super rare!

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    If you come down to Oceanside,I could show you where I find my scorpions.
  17. compnerd7

    compnerd7 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Defiantly! A friend and I frequently go out to the desert or mountians ( Palomar mountian, or the Ortega mountians, sometimes idyllwild ) mostly hunting for snakes and lizards, while my eye is out for scorps and T's. I recently just moved out of south O, East a ways close to Temecula. In all my herping days ( which is pretty much every time i walk out the door ) I've never seen an Anuroctonus Pocki and alot of those species of scorps you found. But yeah, Southern California kicks ass when it comes to finding scorps / T's / reptiles and amphibians. I do want to plan a summer trip to sonora mexico to catch different scorps and beaded lizards.. amongst other things, were thinking august, and night herping.
  18. neubii18

    neubii18 Arachnosquire

    Sounds very cool.I went out today and found a really nicely sized and colored S.polymorpha.It's a really good looking specimen.The species in my area are much more orange and blue than most others I see.Very cool.I also found a 3' rattle snake shed skin.I also saw a Whiptail lizard,as well as a young western skink that still had the blue tail!There are lots of herps where I go as well.I'm more of a herp person than an invert person,but I much prefer collecting inverts than herps.Idk why:?And if you want me to tell you a place to find A.pocki and P.silvestriis,PM me.I don't give the spot out much,but I like to share as well!
  19. compnerd7

    compnerd7 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I've had crazy good success this year thanks to all the rain. covering San Diego county and riverside county, also southern san bernedano county ( Joshua tree, 29 Palms ). Back in February I found two Mojave green sidewinders, and Chuckwallas in March! which I was shocked at. This summer is gonna be a good one. If it ever warms up again:wall: I like catching herps better too, and collecting the inverts :p I just got a hairline fracture in my ancle yesterday, so I wont be herping for a while, atleast a week lol I know some of my favorite herp spots ill still ht up on crutches :p
  20. neubii18

    neubii18 Arachnosquire

    Went out today and found something new to add!

    Jeruselum Cricket(Smaller species than I've seen before,but first I've ever caught!These things are soooo mean:rolleyes:they are around 2"):

    And a scorpion that I believe to be Paruroctonus silvestrii.Definitely a female,and most likely gravid!:
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