Some Leopard Geckos


Old Timer
Dec 14, 2009
I haven't posted pictures in a while,so I figured I'd do that.I didn't get all of them in,but I got a little over half.Enjoy!

1st up is my most recent addition.She's an Ember.I will be using her to produce snow and super embers in 2 seasons:D:

Next is a "true" RAPTOr girl:

RERS male:

Lavender RERS female:

APTOr male:

2 Mack Raptor girls(I'm looking for a male:D:main_yes::p):

SHTCTB girl "Bunny":

SHTCTB girl "Clementine":

SHTCTB boy "Bubba Jr.":

Bell eyeliner(non albino) Tangerine het Bell male:

Thanks for looking.Like I said,these are not all my leos,but about half of them.I hope you enjoyed them.They will all be breeding for my second season this upcoming year!Can't wait!!!