Slings sometimes need a little help.


Old Timer
Jul 31, 2005
I was happy to see that my A.Purpurea had molted a couple of days ago, but after pre molt fasting for so long, waiting almost 3 more days and sitting in a deli cup with a little cricket an inch away from it, and the T having a "Peanut Butt". I got a little worried. It definitely should be eating by now. The webbing area is of course attached to the underpart of the plastic cover and also to the side of the cup, so I got out my tongs and removed the motionless cricket, still alive though. then I took out the exuvium to photo it later. I don't take the top off, just flex open the lid
Then I managed to snag a slightly larger cricket from the KK I keep those in, and squished it
a little to maybe interest the now 5/8" Avic and stuck it to his webbing. I waited about 60 seconds and Wham! He grabbed it enthusiastically and as we say in the South,"We are in high cotton now!" This guy is a survivor. Guy? well at that size you can't sex them reliably but he does have a Pointy Butt!


Aug 5, 2012
No need to worry, your T won't starve itself, I usually wait 5-7 days for my slings exoskeleton to harden and about 10 days for my juvies and adults, maybe just a couple of more days and your Avic would have taken live prey, but hey no worries it's ate and I'm sure there will be no stopping the little dude now.......


Jun 19, 2016
I'm always very anxious about my slings feeding schedules and molting periods and what not, my larger Ts don't worry me a bit nor does my OBT. I reckon he could survive a nuclear blast.