Sling battles cricket w/ pics


Apr 30, 2007
This is one of the funnier events I've seen with my T's in the last couple mos. This was taken before I had to find homes for my collection, just now getting them off my neph's camera onto my pc.
Here's my 1.25" P. platyomma fighting a 3/4" cricket. I normally wouldn't feed it live, but it seemed pretty quick to grab pre-killed, so I dropped one in it's KK, saw what was happening and dashed to get the cam :}
#1: platy pounces on crik within 2 secs, flips on it's back, and the melee is on.

#2: cricket is feisty, having eaten carrots 1 hr previous, and not willing to go peacefully.

#3 crick looks to have the upper hand, but has taken a deadly fang to the belly and is out of fight.

#4 platy remains upsidedown for almost 2 mins, before righting itself and laying a foodmat.

I thought maybe the crik had flipped him, but he's did this flip another time eating a crik w/ legs removed, and my other larger platys had also shown they would either elevator up or pin the food down to help restrain it.

I wish I could've kept just this one, and you can guess what I would've named it after this episode.:D


Old Timer
Apr 3, 2006
Sweet takedown.

My most ferocious little killer is an A. Chacoana. It's tiny, but pounces and kills prey bigger than itself.