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Apr 15, 2005
the first posts were from back in 2002 so I am wondering how big some of the collections are now?
Pets, I currently have...
1 Grammostola pulchra
1 Aphonopelma chalcodes
1 Brachypelma albopilosum
and 1 Brachypelma auratum on the way

two aquariums, 29 gal, and 65 gal
8 feeder goldfish in the horse tank to eat mosquitos
2 miniature horses
5 horses that don't think they are dogs
3 dogs
8 cats
2 cockatiels
1 chinchilla
2 rabbits
4 guineas
15 chickens
6 hermit crabs
1 crawdad
2 man-eating killer attack geese
and 3 ducklings

Mad Hatter

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May 6, 2004

0.0.1 Avicularia avicularia, Guyana Pinktoe
0.0.1 Avicularia versicolor, Antilles Pinktoe
0.1.3 Brachypelma albopilosum, Honduran Curlyhair
0.1.0 Brachypelma emilia, Mexican Redleg
0.0.1 Chromatopelma cyanopubescens, Venezuelan Greenbottle Blue
0.0.1 Grammostola pulchra, Brazilian Black
0.2.0 Grammostola rosea, Chilean Rose

KEY: male.female.unknown


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Jul 19, 2002
You were way back in the archives finding this post, weren't you? We now have a sticky where we list our pets, but not then. This post just after MrD changed over to this server... The other one had little goblins and pixies playing around too much, wrecking havok at times.

Good to know that y'all are interested enough to read these first posts here on this, the new site :clap: :clap: :clap:

Course it isn't quite new any more and a few thousand more arachnoholics logged in


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Apr 27, 2005
My T's and other pets include:

Redleg (Emilia- real original I know)
Costa Rican Tigerrump (Divino)
Cinnamon Baboon (Monkeyboy)

27 breeder Madagascan hissing cockroaches (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY&Z)

1 Military Macaw (Ariel)
1 African Gray (Echo)

1 White Persian (Yetti)
1 Singapura (Willow)

2 3# Chihuahuas named Ventur and Fino pronounced Feeno
1 Rough Collie named Xarah
1 Mutt named Chichi

1.5 Spot legged wood turtles (no names)
1.3 Greek tortoises (Ajax, Selene and Elara)
0.0.5 Black Wood Turtles (no names)
0.0.1 Red eared slider (Bau)

Mendi said:
Do you think we need to post what type of tarantulas we have, one last time for the new and future members. Even those of us who have been here since the beginning may want to browse though and see what one another have. I know we've done this before, but it is a new, and we can get it out of the way in the beginning. Hopefully the worms won't be tunneling through any more and these will get put into the archives later for future viewing.

So, here are my tarantulas, and other pets...

1=Aphonopelma anax, Texas Tan
1=Aphonopelma behlei, Grand Canyon Black
1=Aphonopelma chalcodes, Dessert Blond
1=Aphonopelma eutylenum, California Ebony
1=Aphonopelma hentzi, Oklahoma Brown
1=Aphonopelma moderatum, Rio Grande Gold
1=Aphonopelma seemanni, Costa Rican Zebra female
2=Aphonopelma species, Yucatan Rust Rump
2=Avicularia avicularia, Guyana Pinktoe 1 male
1=Avicularia versicolor, Antilles Pinktoe
3=Brachypelma albopilosum, Curly Hair
1=Brachypelma emilia, Mexican Redleg
1=Brachypelma pallidum, Rose Grey female
1=Brachypelma smithi, Mexican Redknee male
3=Brachypelma vagans, Mexican Red Rump
1=Ceratogyrus bechuanicus, Curvedhorn
1=Ceratogyrus brachycephalus, Rhino Horned female
1=Ceratogyrus marshalli, Straighthorned
1=Ceratogyrus meridionalis, Zimbabwe Grey male
1=Citharischius crawshayi, King Baboon
2=Cyclosternum fasciatum, Costa Rican Tigerrump
2=Ephebopus murinus, Skeleton Tarantula
2=Eupalaestrus campestratus, Pink Zebra Beauty
2=Grammostola rosea, Chilean Rose 1 female?
1=Grammostola rosea, Red Phase Chilean Rose
3=Heteroscodra maculata, Ornamental Baboon
2=Hysterocrates gigas, Cameroon Red
1=Lasiodora cristatus, Brazilian Red and White female
1=Lasiodora parahybana, Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater
1=Nhandu colloratovillosus, Brazilian Black & White
1=Paraphysa scrofa, Chilean Copper
1=Poecilotheria fasciata, Sri Lankan Ornamental
1=Poecilotheria ornata, Fringed Ornamental
1=Poecilotheria regalis, Indian Ornamental
2=Psalmopoeus cambridgei, Trinidad Chevron
1=Pterinochilus murinus, Usumbara
1=Theraphosa apophysis, Goliath Pinkfoot Bird Eater
1=Theraphosa blondi, Goliath Bird Eater female

2=Pandinus imperator, African Emperor Scorpion @ adults
3=Pandinus imperator, African Emperor Scorpion @ scorplings
2=African Giant Black Millipedes, adults
2=African Giant Black Millipedes, baby & juvenile
**30+= Blaptica dubia, a roach
**20+= Nauphoeta cinerea, Lobster roach
4 male Betta's
6 female Betta's

** The numbers are only guesses, as they are special treats for the arachnids :D

What have you got?


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Apr 27, 2005
I KNEW I forgot something!!!!
We have 2 Tokay Geckos we let loose in the house to catch the stray crickets and roaches that get away from the reptiles we had (2 Argentinian Tegus that were taken out to my friend who owns the Atomic Lizard Ranch. The Tegus kept getting outside their enclosure and tried to eat the neighbors Chihuahuas)...Seems to work wonderfully (both the tegus and the free roaming tegus in the house).....

Arachnogirl said:
Hi all. Dave (skinheaddave) and I have the following collection...

Savannah monitor lizard (Varanus exanthematecus)
Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko)
Deckert's ratsnake (Elaphe obsoleta quadrivittata x E.o.rosalini)
Yellow ratsnake (E.o.quadrivittata)
Black mexican kingsnake (Lampropeltis gutala nigrita)
Amazon tree boa (Corallus hortulanus)
Jungle carpet python (Morelia spilota cheynei)
2 Ball pythons (Python regius)

Ornate horned frog (Ceratophrys ornata)
Surinam horned frog (Ceratophrys cornuta)
Cane toad (Bufo marinus)

3 Usumbaras (Pterinochilus murinus)
4 Chilean Roses (Grammostola rosea)
1 Green Bottle Blue (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens)
2 Costa Rican Zebras (Aphonopelma seemanni)
2 Para Mango Zebras (Aphonopelma fracta)
1 Pink-Toe (Avicularia avicularia)
16 Mexican red-rumps (Brachypelma vagans)
4 Indian ornamentals (Peocilotheria regalis)
1 Tiger-rump (...)
1 Zebra beauty (Eupalastrus campestratus)
1 Cobalt blue (Haplopelma lividum)

3 Asian forest (Heterometrus spinnifer)
1 Slenderbrown (Centruroides gracilis)
21 Arizona bark (Centruroides exilicauda)
5 ???? (Hotentota polystictus)
5 ???? (Opisthicanthus rugiceps)

1 Centipede (Scolopendra morsiatans)
4 Giant millipedes (Archispirostreptus gigas)
1 Praying mantis (???)
1 Plecostomus (???)

And we are soon expecting the following:

1 Flat Rock scorpion (Hadogenes troglodytes)
4 Black Fat tail scorpions (Androctonus bicolor)
2 South African Spitting scorpions (Parabuthis transvaalicus)
2 Thailand Black T s'lings (Haplopelma minax)
1 Usumbara (Pterinochilus sp.)