Silicone Fumes


Mar 17, 2011
Hey everyone,

I just completed a minor modification to my 12x12x12 Exo-Terra setup. I have a cat who tries to sometimes stand on the top of the terrarium, and this model uses mesh screens on the lid. Heavy cat plus mesh screens equals trouble.

So I got a sheet of acrylic cut down to size and I drilled holes in it then decided to use silicone to adhere it to the lid. Now I've been doing stuff with fish aquariums using silicone for a bit, so I didn't think anything of this... but after I put this on the lid, I was distinctly aware of the fumes it produced and was concerned about them harming my T.

I've rigged up some cardboard to cover the top while I did some fast research. I can't find any hard evidence that the fumes would be dangerous, since it's basically just vinegar. There are some who just say flat out it's dangerous, there are some who say err on the side of caution, and there are some who say eh.

Does anyone have anything conclusive regarding this? While I can get by with the cardboard top for now, I'm not terribly comfortable with it and would like to put the real lid back on as soon as possible. Thanks!


Old Timer
Oct 20, 2008
I would recommend removing the occupant, using the silicone, let it outgas for a couple of days, then re-introducing the whatever. No point in taking any unnecessary risks.
Just my Z$500,000,000,000 (Zimbabwe). {D


Apr 11, 2010
I would put the T in a different tank or deli cup over night and keep a fan pointed at the silicone. By morning it should be good to go.
As far as toxicity of silicone, I really don't know, so might as well play it safe.