Should he give it one more shot?


Old Timer
Jul 19, 2002
Hi all,
As you're probably aware from my posts concerning P. Murinus mating that I am trying to mate my female with a male from another keeper.
Well they've had a couple goes and I videotaped the last encounter and he did get his palps inserted. As I also mentioned, he got beat-up pretty bad after their last encounter, losing his remaining front leg (one with the tibial spur) and was bleeding from there and another leg. I let him recover in his own tank after that and had him drink some water and now he is wandering the tank again.
I'm wondering if I should put him back in with the female. Without his front legs, I can't imagine how he would attempt to mate with her, and if he did, would it mess up the mating that already took place?
Definately looking for advice as I want to do what's best for him and her. I would hate to see him wandering his remaining days.


Old Timer
Jul 17, 2002
that is a difficult question, more mating attempts shouldn't make any difference to the ones that already took place..However, not sure how he can hold her without those legs. OTOH, what else are you going to do with him? If the owner of the male doesn't care either way, I'd go ahead and just let him in with her. You know that they have already mated, and palps were inserted....
So, you really only have two choices...let him pace, or put him in with her.
I know, that's clear as mud, right?!


Old Timer
Aug 16, 2002
Since females of this species are not known for being especially tough on males, I suspect she may be done, and is no longer receptive to mating. She may now be more interested in nourishing her developing eggs, and what's more nourishing than dear old dad? Of course, she could also just be an exceptionally fiesty girl!

As Holley said, however, There is no risk to the sperm that has already been transfered. If the male doesn't have any other appointments, you can let him try again, but he may end up lunch. I've kept males and females together for extended periods for breeding, usually with no cannibalism. Once, however, I did have a male kill a female who started molting unexpectedly!