She finally molted!


Old Timer
Jul 20, 2002
One of my g. roseas, Vinyl, finally molted after having her for over a year now. She has done this 3 month fasting thing on me before, but this was last year and she eventually ate. Well this time she fasted again for about 2 months, but when I came home from work on Tuesday, I found her upside down, and by Wednesday morning, she was still upside down. I finally noticed the signs of an impending rosie molt= they get really really sluggish about a week or two before (my other rosie did this). Anyway, when I got home from work yesterday(Weds) I found a freshly molted Vinyl! She looks very tired tho, laying totally still with her legs sprawled all over.:D I'm just happy she finally did it after over a year!=D By the way, she's the one in my avatar.