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Sexing Scutigeromorpha

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by kermitdsk, May 16, 2019.

  1. kermitdsk

    kermitdsk Arachnosquire

    Because there was a question how to sexing Scutigeromorpha, I decided to explain it in this thread on the example of Thereuopoda longicornis.

    Scutigeromorpha have a sexual dimorphism, so it's really easy for anyone to see which sex the Scutigeromorpha has, without any equipment.

    0.1 Thereuopoda longicornis

    Females, unlike the males, have an elongated genital organ, it looks like an aditional smal body segment. Furthermore females have two gonopos, which look like tongs.

    1.0 Thereuopoda longicornis

    Males don't have this aditional body segment. There genital organ looks shorter and they have four straight (not like tongs) gonopods.

    That's it! I hope this helps everybody who is interessted in these pedes ;)
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  2. I'm not a huge centipede person, but I find these guys so cool
  3. Euscorpius

    Euscorpius Arachnopeon

    It also works for stone centipedes (Lithobiomorpha). Here in Friuli we have a "big" species of Eupolybothrus that grows up to 5 - 6 cm / 2" BL, they are pretty easy to sex.
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