Sexing A.avicularia...


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Feb 22, 2003
Hi all,

Any tips on doing this? I have a sub-adult at approximately 3", though it's nest is far too webbed to see her abdomen. The dark colouration doesn't make it any easier either.

Obviously I've tried to remove it from the nest, but it's way too aggressive and it takes ages to remove her from it. From the past two moults I can't tell the sex - due to the exuvium being partially consumed...

I managed to get it out earlier today, though once it was out the nest it was dead set on the idea of biting me, so I had to cup it up in an 'ICU' thing. Even then I an't make out the abdomen, the only way would be to grab her with the finger thumb technique but this looks out of the question..

Any tips?:confused:


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Jul 19, 2002
Maybe you could put it back into the delicup and take a clear picture of it's abdomen and post here, It won't be 100% accurate but it will give you an idea. Then next molt, try again that way as this is 100% accurate. If you don't trust yourself to open it back up, you can always mail the exuvia to Swifty, as he offers free sexing. His website gives you the details
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