Scott Smith's All Animal Expo Sunday Jan 16th Wheaton IL

Scott Smith

Sep 24, 2010
Our next show is Sunday Jan 16th. Yes I know the Bears playoff game is Sunday. So with that said we will have a TV set up so we can all see the game.... Brian Barczyk will be stopping by the show to visit and to pay off a bet he has with me. We both love hockey and his Wing got kicked on by the Hawks again. He will be wearing a ugly Blackhawks winter cap. Stop up early and help me make fun of him..... He will not be there all day.


Sep 17, 2009

JoshsFrogs is proud to announce that we will be vending at the following shows this weekend:

Sunday, January 16th, 2011
Scott Smith's All Animal Expo
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We will be vending with Mike Novy of Rainforest Junkys!

We will have a large selection of dry goods, poison dart frogs, feeder insects, and the staff to answer any questions and make sure you get what you - and your herps - need! Stop by and say Hi! - all the herps, feeders, and the reptile supplies you need!