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Scolopendra multidens


Old Timer
May 9, 2008
An induced bite - part of a series of "bite experiments" to compare venom effects of different species of Scolopendra.

Got bit on the basal segment of the index finger on the left hand about 15-20 minutes ago by a 6cm (probably 3rd instar) pedeling. It was a pump-and-dump, it even began chewing on my skin! Immediate effects: localised pain, bite site now a white raised lump, plenty of swelling, much more than the S. alternans bite; but much less pain, very very mild. I am disappointed, to be honest, as this was a rather large pedeling that bit me multiple times. It is also significantly larger than the S. alternans pedeling that bit me. The only pain I am getting is some very mild "venom pain" - no boneache whatsoever, no lymph node swelling, nothing. Will update.

Swelling diminishing, pain (what little there was of it in the first place) diminishing, very disappointing. All show and no substance.

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