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Scolopendra hainanum


Dec 23, 2017
Specimen: 4 inch 1.0 Scolopendra hainanum

Location Right center of thumb

Mechanism of injury: Both maxillipeds, Quick bite and envenomation.

Time of envenomation: 8:45 pm

Circumstances of bite: tried socializing, was petting the pede and it swung around and got me. Should’ve seen it coming as the pede got spooked when I opened the container to moisten substrate. Pede grabbed me with terminal legs prior to envenomation.

8:45 Pm: immediate pain. I cleaned wound immediately, took pain medication despite the history of not working on pede venom. Applied ice.

9:00 Pm: pain intensifies and swelling on thumb begins

9:05 pm pain continues to intensify and swelling has reached 2 inches away from bite area

9:15 Pm: pain intensifies and swelling continues to travel into hand.

9:30 Pm pain seems to have started to level off but swelling continues. Hand is mostly swollen and thumb cannot be used. I now have a baseball glove for a right hand. Rinsed hand under hot water, some relief. Water oddly doesn’t feel the same temperature on both hands

9:45 Pm: pain has leveled off but swelling continues. Slight aching feeling, accompanied by same throbbing, burning feeling.

10:00pm: pain continues to travel up into my hand. Swelling continues and will reach the middle finger and into the wrist. Pain has left my thumb and is in fingers around it and center of the hand. Overall redness of the affected areas

10:30 Pm: hand continues to swell but at a slower rate. Hand feels slightly numb but hurts at the same time. Hand is sweaty. Pain overall is the same.

10:43 Pm: aching begins on the hand. Everything else is the same.

10:50 Pm: aching and throbbing continue to intensify. Swelling has increased slightly into the wrist.

11:05 Pm: aching continues and now is well into my wrist. Swelling will have reached its peak, encompassing all fingers but the little finger and into the lower forearm.

1:12 am: slept for 2 hours. Pain, aching still persisting but not as intense. Hand is swollen but dying Down slightly.

2:00 am: pain and aching have begun to lessen.

6:15 am: pain and aching are almost completely gone. Swelling has decreased to moderate levels. Hand is no longer sweaty and numb. Residual aching in ring finger and little finger however.

12:00 Pm: Hand is sore and somewhat swollen still.

It is now 24 hours post bite and hand is still swollen and sore.

Summary: While this experience is probably the most pain I’ve ever had, it doesn’t discourage me. Lessons can be learned here to never attempt to handle or interact with an animal which has been spooked. For those who do not wish to interact or try to socialize with a pede, do not become complacent and use tongs at all times to do maintenance in the enclosure. Overall pain is 7.5-8-10. My pain tolerance is pretty high, and when the pain reached its peak it was making it hard to concentrate. I am lucky in the sense that, Had this been a longer envenomation and or a larger individual it would’ve made this much worse. Swelling reached into the lower forearm, pain and aching reached a little past that.
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