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Old Timer
Jan 20, 2007
You guys may remeber that I posted about my Ts going to school (Spider Field Trip, was the name of the post). Anyways, that was today, and i just got back. This morning my G. Rosea was really grumpy, and threatened me with her hairs, so i went ack downstairs for an hr. At school, i accidently spilled the water on my way to my science teacher's room. :wall: Oops... well, she managed to calm down for 3rd period, when it was time to show her to the class. maybe 15 people crowded around, as i tried to retain silence, and order (with no effect.) anyways, 4, maybe 5 people held her, and it went great. I put her back in her cage, and back in the filing cabinet that we were keeping her in. in 6th period, a repeat of third period happened. she was still well behaved, and got a nice, plump cricket when i got home.

Overall, i've convinced 3 people that Ts are not "deadly, hairy, and ugly" and that they are "docile, fuzzy, and gorgeous. I've also convinced my science teacher, and 2 friends to get a T.


This should probably be in the announcement section, but it deserves a view or two, anyways. :)