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Oct 14, 2010
i was wondering what substrates work good for roseas...for display purposes. i currently use coco fiber and she's fine on it...but it's exactly the same color as she is. and i'm hoping to find another substrate that will be a good contrast but will be fine for her to live one that will be really dark, even when it's dry...thanks to anyone who can help...

the reason i'm trying to do this is, i'm not allowed to get any more spiders for a while and i keep seeing pics of a bunch of different species and want to better appreciate the beauty of my rosea...

thanks again...

P.S. please don't think i'm wierd or not concerned about the spider...i'm just trying to get rib of my desire for more T's...or at least put it off for a while until i'm able to get more...
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Dec 11, 2008
If you want to get something darker, you will probably need to start mixing substrates, or find some really dark potting soil. I would get some potting soil(no fertilizers) to mix with the cocofiber. You'll have to look at the color of the potting soil though, because some mix in a fair amount of sand and therefore are a lighter color. Our G. rosea is on a mixture of peat moss and potting soil, but we wish now that it had some coco in it too. :)