Rose Hair in premolt?


Dec 25, 2014
I threw crickets that went uneaten off the balcony two weeks in a row
Ah ah ah ah, reminds me when I throwed with my Brother a banana peel (among other stuff) out of the window and that landed in the head of bald man living in the hood, that was always mad at the world 24/7. Just like in cartoons :rofl: We wanted to imitate Napoli city, where people there perform the ancient and noble art of throwing the trash directly from the third/fourth floor, in the street. It's a championship.

so I've waited a couple of weeks before trying to offer again. I meant to get out and pick up a couple of crickets today to try again but didn't get around to it. Will try tomorrow and see what happens.
It's normal man. I have a G.rosea sling now, which I care for my cousin (tought that I was done dealing with those slow lazy buggers in the '90) and that little is extremely "fat", like if he/she near to explode. Pre-molt etc? Nothing. Fasting for months, then the other day ate a little B.dubia baby. It's only a matter of time with those.
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Nov 16, 2015
What a doozy. Not that he'll be missed. Should I get a G. porteri/rosea just to see what it's like? At this point, I am honestly intrigued. and in regards to what you said @EulersK with tarantula age, I have another good example. I have two P. regalis that hatched in late November/Early December 2015. I picked them up December 18th of 2015. One female has grown amazingly, molted 3 times in my care, and is now a subadult. My OTHER female, with the same feeding schedule, has only molted once, and is still around the 1 - 2'' range.