Rookie move :)


Old Timer
Oct 27, 2007
My adult female Davus pentalore's cage needed some much needed airing out. Set her up in new digs weeks ago and the humidity was just way too much to my liking. It just seemed like I was starting another dart viv.
So I figured while I was watching a movie I would take the lid off for the length of it. This female has rarely left her deep home under the slate since she has been in there. She has fed several times from her den and has only emerged a handful of times only to retreat back to the depths of her dwelling.
Well low and behold i am watching my movie with the misses not ever once out of the corner of my eye seeing movement. The movie finishes I go to replace the lid and out of curiousity just wanted to take a gander down her den. What do I see in there, not a gosh darn thing.
This female had picked up sticks like a well trained ninja.
Luckily it was not a long search. She had decided to climb down the back of the incubator and back up the wall behind some other T cages. Luckily she did not decide to crawl behind the mini monitor shelves. They could not in any way reach her, but they would have gone nuts to try reaching her.
Once found my wife directed her back to my hand and I promptly set her back in her cage. She went straight to her home and toady fed 20 minutes later. Guess it was hard work being stealthy.
The last tarantula I and get out of a cave was a lividum over 10 years ago. Needless to say I have since made a larger vent for the lid to increase circulation a little more without having to remove the lid again.