Rat keeping


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Nov 19, 2006
I used to breed rats (as pets) back in the day. I came out with a few nice color morphs, and tried to breed the smartest/ most interactive with the like. The pinnacle of my efforts was an orange/red eyed rat, with incredibly vibrant orange stripe down its back. Very curious about everything I did, would grab my ear and whisper and click into it, as though making some effort at communication.
He and some of my other rats began to get boils and cists. I cut open and squeezed out the boils of my orange rat, as he was so trusting of me he would just lay there and let me go through with it. Mind you, he was still quite active at the time of the growths, and relatively young. I have since read some publications on the types of bedding contributing to this, conifer related. Aspen, pine, that type can apparently contribute significantly to the genetically predisposed cancer issue.
Also, constructing a cage yourself can be quite worthwhile considering the price of them. I constructed a 5' X 3.5' X 3' for my gliders (after owning I'm probably going to get some more rats, not nearly as intelligent) and overall (tools and materials) I think I spent $55. You can get quite creative with metal cage material, feed stores usually have everything you need, can point you in the right direction, or even give you instructions, if they're friendly (usually are). It's easier than you'd think. I made the cage door, and a space for a tray (for cleaning), which I haven't had a tray made for yet, sadly. Sheet metal producers can usually make these, according to the feed store guy.
I can post pics of the tools and materials needed, if anyone cares.

Scorp guy

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Dec 22, 2005
Ok...so how long do i leave my male with me female? i just want them to breed, and remove him. its been a day and they havn't showed any signs of breeding YET.