Rapid molt-Cooler, fed less, BLAH BLAH BLAH

Terry D

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Nov 21, 2009
Unless I've just got the exception, and an extremely wierd indiv. ;P

My sub male G pulchra#1 "Scotty" has been kept low near the floor where temps rarely exceed 75 and often less, is fed 2-4 mature crickets a month, has molted again on 11-17-10. Again, he grew very little and is maybe slightly over 5". His last molt was 9-03-10. Also strange is that although he lost a little weight, his abdomen doesn't look thin at all. Btw, this is his 8th molt with me since his pic as a spiderling by a quarter for size comparison at the first of my pic thread entitled "Terry D's photo thread"

I'm beginning to wonder if I might not be doing the wrong thing. Although he may mature much faster, maybe he'd be larger and healthier at maturity if I moved him up on the shelf and resumed his former feeding regimen. My idea was to slow him down and procure a mf. Guess I better start looking for a mf soon or I'll have to refrigerate him to slow him down. Just kidding.... but DANG that was fast!! :(



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Jan 8, 2007
I found out slowing down males its a gamble, you can end up loosing male or get sickly small under nourished that possibly wont be any good
so even so I keep my males fed enough to be healthy they last longer
and there is a still possibility your female catch up to him
just feed her good (all she can eat) and keep her warmer