Question to H. Lividum owners.


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Jul 24, 2002
I agree totally....

Originally posted by Joy
I'd concur that 70 degrees F will do, although closer to 80 is better. And I've used heat lamps successfully for years, but would agree they require vigilant monitoring of heat and humidity. Here's a picture of one of my girls below.

I agree with Joy whole heartedly.......this legend of heat lamps being dangerous has been passed around for too long, the only danger in them being that they are not well regulated by those inexperianced with temp. gauging equip. T's are no more sensitive than any aphib. in this aspect. I have had Asian species for many years, reptile and inverts. , and I have seen evidence that 70deg. is not optimum for rapid growth or reproduction. Any great breeder I have known has told me 80 deg. is superior to lower temps. when breeding and the optimum conditions that help them to thrive. I have heated my Haplopelma's for years with a infra-red bulb, regulated by a dimmer switch, and a non- contact infra-red thermometer to calibrate the temps. When the room temps fall below 75 deg, the T's will come out and bask like a cat or lizard, obviously they love it! And what does everyone think the "mechanical mom " uses? A well regulated bulb or lamp, and we know how sensitive babies are.

I think thought needs to be given to the average temps. in the native land of the Haplopelma's. Malaysia, ect, is very, very, hot, and of course humid........even in the burrows.......they have adapted to this temp., although they will seem to do "okay" in the lower temps, as they are very adaptable, it is obvious to thrive, they need higher than 70 deg.


Apr 11, 2003

Alright thanks for the info guys. I'm probably going to go for the 80degrees F tip, and go for a heating pad. My Cobalt is pretty big and before I bought him, he was kept in a mayonaise like container and I just hope that once he/she has settled in, s/he is the burrowing type, cuz I know that not all Lividum's are burrowers.

Thanks again everyone.


P.S...Does anyone have any FEEDING PIX? Planing on feeding my guy a live fuzzy tomorrow.:D