Pyxie Frog Diet - Hissing Roaches?


Old Timer
Feb 22, 2007
Hey everyone. I own a 5.5-6 inch adolescent pyxie frog. For the last 5 months that I've had him he's been getting a somewhat varied diet of crickets (which I think he may be too big for now, haha), mice, and lobster roaches, as well as the occassional hisser.

Recently I bought him 2 decent sized adult hissers (dusted with supplements) and he crunched right through them, no problem. And as for digestion, he poops it out as easily as anything else. It's usually like a two bite ordeal and the roach is all gone.

So basically, I was just curious if anyone has kept a pyxie of this size on a staple of hissing roaches dusted with supps? In terms of nutritional value, how do they compare to mice and crickets? How fatty are they? etc.

Thanks for the help guys.