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Pterinochilus murinus


Aug 30, 2009
It's been 4 days now and I am still experiencing intermittent cramps in my legs, arms and hands.


Aug 29, 2011
Never want this to happen again...

Jan 19/9am- Open up enclosure to remove an uneaten dead cricket, then my 3.5" female teleports out of the enclosure, up the tongs, around my right hand about 5 times and then sinks her lovely fangs right into the outer edge of my wrist. It definitely hurt.

9:01am- She lets go, I direct her back to her encloser and quickly close the lid.

After this point, I had no symptoms, I thought it may have been a dry bite. I didn't think you could have symptoms a day later....

Jan 20/7pm- Start feeling nauseated and weak.

7:15- Right side starts feeling tingly and swelling starts in my hand, I decide to run back stage and text Catfishrod69 and xhexdx asking whether or not it's possible for bites from a tarantula not to affect you until the next day. I told my symptoms, Catfishrod69 says I need to get medical treatment. I said that i was going right then, but didn't, thinking I would be fine for a little longer and that the symptoms would subside. (I wish I listened to him.)

7:20- Go back out onto stage, My right eye feels like it's being pushed out of the socket and the right side of my face starts to get really hot.

8:00pm- Go to sit back stage again to take a break, shortly after my right hand, arm, leg, foot and toes start to cramp up immensly. Body shaking involuntarily from the pain.

8:45- Pain is dying down.

9:00pm- Back on stage.

9:02- Mobility and my hand seems to be turned off and on from cramping, slight numbness.

9:15- Cramping so immense in leg that I fall down. Whole right side of my body starts to cramp up and I'm so focused on the pain that I'm partially incoherant. I see a co-worker over me, then security, I remember wishing I had a jacket because I was so cold before I blacked out because of pain.

???pm- Wake up in ambulance, pain still present. Guy trying to ask me questions but I couldn't form a full sentence because when I would start talking my chest would cramp up really bad. I felt like I couldn't breathe.

10:05pm- Brought into ER on stretcher and brought into a room, then lifted onto a bed. Cramping and pain all over left side of my body. A nurse comes in and asks about my history and if I can think of anything that may have caused this episode. I tell her aboiut the bite, she seems confused, as she takes my vitals and then leaves the room to go talk to the doctor.

10:30p- The doctor comes in, tells me he needs to discuss a plan of action with his team before treatment can be given, then he leaves the room. I'm in the bed shaking and crying from pain.

10:40p- Nurse comes in and takes blood samples. She then gives me a few IV's in my left arm. It took her about ten tries to get the needle in the right place because of my shaking. She then asks me if I have taken any drugs that may have induced this reaction, I say no and remind her that I have told her about the tarantula bite and that I didn't take any drugs.

10:55- Doctor comes in to give me a tetnis shot and further question about what type of tarantula had bit me, was I sure it was that kind and not a rose hair. I said of course I'm sure what kind of tarantula it was! Then he has the nerve to tell me that it's illegal to own any type of tarantula besides a rose hair! He continues rolling his eyes at me as I try to explain ever so nicely that he was wrong. Then tells me he needs to call authority to confirm my argument. On top of being in so much pain I was super P.O'd at this point.

11:25p- Comes back in and gives me a shot for an "allergic" reaction. (Please take note of how I put quotes around the word.) And apologizes for his ignorance on the subject.

11:30p- A lot of aching in my back, foot is numb, calf, hand, arm and shoulder cramping. My hand and foot feel like ice.

11:35p- Doctor goes over what I told him one more time about the bite, then announces there is nothing else they can do aat this point but monitor my vitals.

Jan 21/12am- Shaking begins again, cramping and in a lot of pain.

12:45a- Cramping dies down and I try to sleep.

1:33a- Wake up in immense pain, pressing nurse button.

1:40a- Nurse finally comes in. Takes my vitals... Again. I express my pain to her and then she says she will get something to ease it.

2:30a- Nurse comes back and says she cannot give me any pain killers because they worry it will react badly with the tarantula venom????? Really? I start yelling at her that they are all idiots that don't know what they are doing. She storms out of the room.

3:00a- Try to sleep again

4:45a- Wake up from abdominal and chest cramping, it hurt so bad. Start crying.

5:00a- Turn on television to try and focus on something different.

7:00a- Pain dimming, I go to sleep.

12:00p- Get woken by a new nurse to take vitals, just tingling over left side, face feels like it's burning again. Sometime after that I fell asleep again.

6:00p- Wake up, still tingling and numb on forearm, hand, leg and foot. Hurts to make a fist and move appendages.

6:05p- Here comes the nurse again, vital time. I turn on the television again after that, going to watch some cartoons for a while.

10:00p- Doze off again due to boredom.

6:00a- Woken up for more vitals. No pain if I don't move. Just tingly and numb. Still sore when moving. Right side of face extremely numb.

12:00p- IV's are taken out, and I was asked to walk around the room. Leg/foot really stiff, still tingly. Then asked to squeeze a ball, hard to do without pain becoming evident. Vitals checked again.

5:00p- Doctor says I should be fine from here on out, but going to monitor a while longer due to the numbness still being present.

So for the rest of my stay there, pain never returned, just my aching when I would move. I was released from the hospital this morning, January 23rd. The tingling and slight numbness are still present at this time, 3:36pm. But I've been at work since noon and am not having any problems besides the stated. Sorry for the very long report, but I thought I should type up a very detailed report.

Best Regards,


Old Timer
Nov 5, 2007
P. murinus bites cat

I'm sure I'll get a lot of crap for this one but it might be good for people to know. I had my female P. murinus Pumpkin Monster for about 3years or so. Raised her from a small juvie so this was very sad for me:

I came home from work one day and my cat had knocked over the only container in my collection containing an OW species, my 6" (yes that's correct) F P. murinus. Container was knocked over and open and she was nowhere to be found. I searched high and low--nothing. About a week later I heard a lot of noise in the kitchen in the middle of the night (not uncommon bc my cat runs around the house like a madman every night) but something was different so I went to check it out. Both cats were staring at my now dead P. murinus in the middle of the kitchen floor. :cry: He had apparently bitten her legs off and yoshi was acting like he'd been bitten and licking his leg above the paw a lot.

About and hour later Yoshi began puking uncontrollably. This lasted for approximately 3 hours. The last two being dry heaving.

Throughout the day he was very lethargic and acting like something was neurologically wrong. He would walk backwards or sideways now and then and look around and meow as if he didn't know where he was. I called around to multiple vets but no one seemed to know what to do and just said if he started having trouble breathing to take him to the animal hospital which was about 2hrs from me.

The next day was slightly better. He began drinking water and eating wet food and was no longer walking backwards but he was still very lethargic and would relapse into shallower breathing than normal. That night he was walking around more normally and even tried to play a bit.

By the third day he was more alert and playing more, though would still act like he wasn't feeling well and have shallow breathing for short periods.By the fourth day he was pretty much back to normal.

For the record, my tarantula cages are now completely secured into the shelves with packing tape, which is a pain when it comes to feeding, watering and other maintenance but better than risking it happening again, though he hasn't messed with them since.


Sep 1, 2011
OBT Bite 3/15/2012

Weight: 165lbs
Height: 5'6''
Age: 21

Bite Location: One fang in the middle finger of my right hand.

Size of Spider: 3in male

Time of bite: Somewhere around 2pm

Reason: My fault, got distracted by my phone buzzing in my pocket for a split second, just long enough for the little terrorchilus to sprint up my tongs onto my hand. I got enough time to just see the chelicerae open, instinctively I jerked my hand away, which knocked the spider off my hand but he still managed to tag me with one fang on my middle finger of my right hand.

I caught him no problem after the bite, he was just sitting infront of me in a strike posture shifting his chelicerae around, he may have been stridulating but I didn't hear anything (but I also have bad hearing) after moving him from a deli cup to his tub I washed my bite off in warm soapy water and popped an extra strength Aleive and a Claritin and then resumed cleaning. I took the meds just incase the venom hadn't caused a reaction yet but I was pretty sure it was a dry bite, aside from the puncture wound and some minor stinging there were no other symptoms.

I finished cage cleaning for all my animals around 3pm and then threw my uniform on and headed out to work, around 6pm in the middle of a 400 dollar hour at Dairy Queen while trying to make things and train the new girl on her second day I suddenly feel like I was about to throw up. There was no gradual build up to the stomach pain, I went from feeling great to suddenly having almost crippling stomach pain. I have IBS and am being tested for Chrons because of the unusual severity of my issues so I'm not unfamiliar with stomach issues, normally I can ignore them or power through them but this caused me to have to drop everything and run to the bathroom. I dry- heaved for about two or three minutes.

I had read a few reports on here about delayed reactions to venom, and immediately I suspected that was the culprit. I popped open our first aid kit in the bathroom and popped a Bayer extra strength pill and then told my coworker to get me some benedryl. My hand was blotchy and red, the finger swelled slightly and I had cramping in the middle joints of the digits and the fleshy part of the hand below the thumb. The underside of the hand felt like it was burning but it wasn't intolerable. The length of my middle finger had "water bumps" (but I get these on my hands at the slightest irritation) I waited a few minutes and then filled a bag with ice and kept on and off icing the area while doing register with my left hand (which sucked, I am NOT coordinated with my left hand)

Around a half hour later the red pigmentation spread up to the middle of my arm and my middle and pointer finger were stiff and had to be forced open. My ring finger and pinky finger were both cramped and stiff but did not need to be forced to spread or stretch. Some cramping in my shoulder and back was felt but this could be just the venom exacerbating some tightness from going to the gym before getting bit. My heart rate was raised but not alarmingly so, I would compare it to how your chest feels right after a short distance jog.

Those symptoms remained for about an hour and then over the course of the next few hours subsided slowly until I was able to use my hand again(but it was still in pain, a hot, tearing pain like when lifting too much weight except it did not stop regardless of what I did.) Once everything had subsided except some residual pain and a "tight" feeling in my hand the only new symptoms were random hot flashes that persisted through the night and a mild headache.

At one point in the night I did have a bad asthma attack but I can't pinpoint this to the venom, anything could have set my asthma off during mysleep.

The bite was not nearly as bad as I had expected, but this was also a tiny spider and I was only hit by one fang. I'm wondering why I didn't react to the venom until later that day? Anyone have any idea what suppresses the symptoms and why they manifest so much later, does that mean the venom was just floating around in my body chilling with my blood cells that whole time without having any effect?


Old Timer
Sep 2, 2009
I was at 2pm by a one inch sling. It had run out of the container onto my arm while I was misting it. As soon as went to cup it I immediately felt a sharp sting and new I had been bit. The pain set in automatically with my whole fore arm feeling like it was on fire. After a hour of intense pain I started to have a migraine and slight pain in my heart that lasted a few minutes. By 4pm my fore arm was numb and my shoulder/neck was aching. Right not at 9pm I have no more pain or discomfort anywhere, just a small bruise where I was bitten.


Mar 23, 2013
Adult female Pterinochilus murinus bite

At around 11:30 AM on the morning of Tuesday, February 20th, 2014, I received an envenomating bite from an adult female Pterinochilus murinus, (OBT) tarantula. The tarantula had not eaten in a couple of weeks, and was quite a large specimen at somewhere between 5.5" to 6" in diagonal leg-span. The bite lasted approximately 1 - 2 seconds before release. The bite location was the tip of digitus IV / ring finger of my right hand.

There was immediate and substantial pain at the bite site which presented itself in the form of an intense burning sensation. The punctures from the tarantula's fangs immediately swelled and I could see and feel venom dripping down my finger. For the following 30 minutes, the pain was immense. I quickly removed the rings from the fingers on that hand as well as my watch from my wrist, as swelling increased.

After the first 5 minutes, the constant and intense burning pain was joined by what I can only describe as the sensation of having my finger sliced by a razor blade or paper, over and over again. Hyper-sensitivity also became apparent to the point of even the slightest breeze on my hand felt like agony. The actual pain was so bad that it brought me to my knees with tears streaming down my face. There was no escape from the constant pain. I paced back and forth, laid in strange positions, I was constantly on the move trying desperately to take my mind away from the pain, but nothing worked.

There was no relief until somewhere between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. After this time had elapsed, the constant pain began to taper off, instead coming in waves, which some may consider worse than the initial constant pain. For every 5 seconds of relief, there was another 2 minutes of intense pain, followed by 5 seconds of relief... and repeat. This went on for approximately 2.5 hours, slowly subsiding in intensity until it was mostly bearable. None of my fingers were able to be moved during this time and they remained lame and free of sensation/numb for around 12 hours.

During the first 60 minutes, I could feel and see the venom working its way up my arm, eventually stopping around my arm-pit. It was painful in that area, but not in the same sense as the burning/slicing pain in my hand. Instead, it was more of a pressurized pain, akin to preventing blood flow through your veins.

After 12 hours, only a little numbness remained in my hand with most of the pain and swelling having gone completely. Approximately 24 hours after the initial bite, I started to experience some muscle cramps. They began in my right foot. They were quite short in duration to begin with, but quite intense. As the day progressed however, they became more frequent and lasting for longer periods of time. The cramps began to occur further up my right leg causing a considerable amount of pain in my calves and hamstring muscles. It eventually crossed over to my left leg too, but not to the same degree of intensity.

The cramps eventually worked their way up to my latissimus dorsi muscles in my lower back which caused a lot of discomfort from which there was little to no relief. The muscle cramps continued for approximately 18 hours before beginning to subside. (42 hours from envenomation)

However, after the muscle cramping was all-but-gone, I was left with every single muscle that was affected by the cramping, aching considerably. It felt as though they were heavily bruised and even putting weight on my legs made them shake and hurt to the point of having to sit down. Sitting down also was painful due to my lower back muscles feeling like they had been hit with a baseball bat repeatedly.

It has been over 50 hours since I was bitten as I write this, and I do not expect there to be anymore symptoms that present themselves. I am still currently experiencing muscle pain and fatigue in my arms, lower back and legs... but I expect that to be gone by tomorrow.

I estimate the effects from beginning to end to last approximately 60 - 72 hours to run their course.

I am a relatively fit and healthy adult. I would hate to speculate as to the severity of an envenomation occurring in children, the elderly or those of poor health and/or fitness. Particularly if the bite takes place in an area close to the heart muscle.

Certainly, this was not an enjoyable experience, and I do not wish it on anyone... However, I do try to see the positive side over the negative and I am glad that I got to experience being bitten by a Pterinochilus murinus (OBT) tarantula, one of the world's most potent tarantulas!




Video Report:


Old Timer
Sep 22, 2007
I got tagged on my middle and ring fingers by a mature 5" female. The pain of the venom took a couple seconds to set in and remained localized for the next 30 min before my hand became slightly numb. I then experienced muscle tightness and weakening of grip for the next 20 min or so before function returned almost entirely. During this time, my ring finger swelled up slightly. Now, only 2-3 hours after the bite, nearly all effects are gone, and the only signs of the bite are two reddish spots that are slightly tender to touch. No blood was drawn.

Not too bad in my opinion.


Nov 5, 2014

The size of the spider.
-4.5 inch female P Murinus

How the bite occurred.
-Removing/replacing a water dish with 9inch tongs. She somehow teleported up to my hand and stuck one fang in right above my right index finger. above the knuckle

What type of physical damage was caused.
-1/8th inch 'scratch' with a small puncture at the end. Did not bleed. Did not go straight in.
- In hind site she may have been using her fangs to gain purchase and hold on t something, and because I was messing around with her hidey place, she may have had venom on the fangs to begin with.

What symptoms you experienced.
-Severe burning pain all of my right arm, was unable/unwilling to move my right hand/arm for several hours.
-Nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps
-Cold sweats
-Cramping especially when I move. arms, legs, stomach, back, bottom of feet, neck, jaw.
-slight temperature. 99.5-100f.
-"flashy" lights somewhat blurred vision.
-slight numbness in my face, head (scalp) teeth (yes that sounds odd...)

How long the symptoms lasted.
-severe pain from 5 minutes after the bite, to 6ish hours later. Slow reduction in pain after the 2-3 hour point.
-30+ hours later still nauseated, and having random cramping and numbness in the right arm.

What medical attention you received if any.
-Nothing official. Used percocets (didnt help) and muscle relaxers, (also didn't seem to help)
-I did rub something called Deep blue around the bite site, and my effected arm. This did seem to help. Ceaderwood oil on the bite helped ease the pain/swelling as well.

Any lingering effects from the bite.
-Nausea, odd feeling in my face/head/mouth. Odd tastes in my mouth...(guess it would be hard to taste with anything else...)
-Random cramping all over.
-obnoxious muscle twitching. (this will keep you awake.)

A picture of the bite if one is available
- To be added.

Additional Details.

Bite time was about 11:50ish am. the venom advanced rather quickly with the first pain starting as soon as 2 minutes after the bite.
climaxing at around 40 minutes after the bite. it was most severe from 12-2pm (first 2-3 hours after bite)
with a noticeable reduction in pain starting about 4pm

its been 30ish hours later, and i'm still experiencing the coldness, nausea, and odd visual effects. (slow to focus, mostly) I also have the odd taste in my mouth, and a slow reaction time. I wouldn't suggest working if you have a job that requires quick reaction.
NOTE this could also be due (fully or partially) to the muscle relaxers, and percs I took. Though having been in the US Army with severla injuries I have developed a high tolerance to narcotics, which makes it in my opinion a symptom of the bite and not just a side effect of the meds.

This has been an educational experience, The best thing seemed to be deep blue rub, (similar to icy hot, do NOT rub to much on) fluids. LOTS of fluids. (Pedialyte that "gatorade" for babies was easiest on the stomach). A hot bath may have helped metabolize the venom faster. However this can be dangerous as it can spread it faster, if you are particularly sensitive to venom i'd probably skip this step and keep hydrated and rested.

I treated this similar to how I would have treated a black widow bite, or rattle snake bite. Dont block it off, or try any of that crap to suck out the venom. Just let it run its course. Localizing it will cause it to stay concentrated in one location, which has been shown to cause more damage. Diluting it in your whole body should make it easier to cope with.

I'll add additional info as time passes, and probably upload a useless picture of the bite site.


Nov 5, 2014
3 days later and pretty much all the effects are now gone. Last night I had 1 cramp...but whupty freaking do =)


I dont know if OBT venom is Hemotoxic, neurotoxic, or something else or a combo of a few. Rattle Snake venom is mostly Hemotoxic however it also has Neurotoxins, You know that old garbage that a baby rattle snake is more venomous because it some how can 'choose' to inject more than an adult? (or hasn't 'learned' how much to use) Pure garbage! there is so much wrong with that statement it would take way to long to go into. THe truth is that the younger the rattler the more Neurotoxic components their venom has. I would suspect that OBT Venom has Neurotoxic components, having now experienced both a black widow bite, (highly neurotoxic) and an obt bite. They are quite similar, different degrees, but similar side effects (numbness, tingling, cramps etc.)

However, having now been bit by an OBT and a Black Widow, the symptoms are very similar. Or rather side effects. Both caused peripheral numbness, a sign of venom attacking nerves.