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Psalmopoeus irminia


Oct 9, 2014

Female received on 2 April 2015. She molted aprox two weeks prior to me receiving her. Female is a total of 5" in legspan.

Male received as pen-ultimate. He matured on 10 March 2015. Male is a total 4" in legspan.

They were introduced 4 times and paired successful 3 times.

12 April 2015, 1st introduction - Male was observed making a sperm web a few days prior to introduction. Male was introduced into the females enclosure on the opposite side of where the female resides. A few minutes he started tapping and drumming and shaking, female emerged from her tube web tapping back at him. With the 1st introduction no actual mating took place, the male was a bit shy, and after 30 - 45 minutes of being in the females enclosure I removed him.

13 April 2015, 2nd introduction - The male was more willing, again introduced on the opposite side of the enclosure, and he rapidly started drumming and shaking and the female responded eagerly. The mating was successful with one insertion observed.

19 April 2015, 3rd introduction - again the male was introduced like previously, the mating was successful with 3 insertions observed.

27 April 2015, 4th introduction - same as the previous introductions, successful mating with two insertions observed.

The male was introduced again afterwards but she showed no interest, so then I stopped with the breeding and eagerly waited for her to drop a sac. I have a 2nd MM which I attempted to breed with her as well, making turns between the two males, but she showed absolutely no interest in the second male. Overall the one she did successfully pair with, she was very gentle towards the male, didn't chase him after insertions, she displayed no aggression. She was fed well prior to each introduction.

After the breeding attempts, humidity was kept at around 80%, and the temperatures in the T-room was constantly around 80 degrees. I also fed her as much as she would accept prey.

13 September 2015 - woke up the morning to find her busy laying eggs. She took care of the sac real well until she abandoned it.

2 October 2015 - eggsac was abandoned by the female. I then decided to pull it, all were eggs when I opened the sac, three rotten eggs were found and a few dark and mushy ones too, only 27 healthy looking eggs was removed , I removed the eggs from the sac and separated them from the bad ones and placed them in a incubator, I rotated the eggs 3 times a day, temperatures were ranging around 85 - 90 degrees.

The eggs were kept till day 40, none hatched so I guess all was infertile, why she abandoned it along with it going bad.

I want to thank Austin (Austin S) for all his advice and help, this was my 1st breeding attempt, and altough unsuccessful, it was still a good experience. I'm powerfeeding the female, so here's to hoping she double clutches. Otherwise I have a juvenile male that may mature around the time she molts again, so I will try breeding her again.