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Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by VxXDJXxV, Feb 15, 2007.

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    Does anyone think 85$ is to much for a 2in A. geniculata
  2. does that include shipping. if its does NOT then yeah...thats way too much. if it DOES include shipping...thats about right.
  3. its from a local pet store
  4. its expensive but thats what pet stores are like.
  5. then yeah. thats pretty dang expensive. order it on line from Kelly Swift. and if there is anything else you are wanting at the moment go ahead and oder them too. it will save you on shipping. it would be like 30-40 bucks for shipping on 1 T. and probly only a couple bucks more to ship multiple T's.
  6. do they have a web site??
  7. Nitibus

    Nitibus Arachnodemon

  8. thanks.........do you know of any more web sites for breeders that ship??
  9. Nitibus

    Nitibus Arachnodemon

    They all advertise on the top right corner of very thread.... use the link and let this web-site get some credit !

    Teach a man to fish....
  10. thanks.........im really hungry:D
  11. Pyst

    Pyst Arachnoknight Old Timer

  12. zarko

    zarko Arachnoknight

    yep it is in ... 2inch about 25E it would be feir
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