Prepping for the new arrivals


Nov 7, 2010
For 3 years i have caught wild T's. Most I let go after a day or 2 some I keep.
About 6 months ago I purchased the book "The Tarantula Keepers Guide". Becoming more interested I purchased a mexican red knee.
This weekend I placed an order with Ken the Bug Guy. Ordered 3 new additions to my family.
Rio Grand Gold 1.5+ inch
Curly Hair 1.5+ inch
And and here is the big jump for me. I ordered a 3 inch OBT yeah thats right a sunburst baboon.

I have been playing musical tanks for a week. Moving stuff around and experimenting with some set ups. I have 3 enclosures a 10 gallon, 2.5 gallon and a 2 gallon critter keeper.
The 10 gallon is filled 1/2 way with potting soil packed pretty hard. There is a fake hollow log hide and a branch in the corner. This will be the Baboons home. I have seen pics of OBT's digging deep burrows or making web tubes on a branch. The hollow log thing can more than likely be removed but maybe it will be used as a hide when the OTB first gets put in the new home.
I am not 100% sure here. I almost feel like I have to wait to see what this OBT is going to like more.
The other 2 set ups will be easy. More like what I am use to. Fill 1/2 way with potting soil. Make a hide. Maybe add a plant.
If anyone has any feedback for this Baboon I am all ears.


Sep 15, 2010
10 gal seems a bit big for an obt but as long has he gets his food its all good .