Posting Warnings or Scams - Format suggestions

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Aug 8, 2005
When making these info postings, a format much like used in law enforcement agencies is extremely helpful and should always be used.

-First, post the persons committing the suspicious actions. Just the names and AKAs. For example, AB User Name _____. Name on other forum, Claimed IRL name(s) if available etc.

-Next, clearly state the suspicious activity. Please note, the word scam can mean just about anything. If you use the word you will need to explain what is meant further on.
Look at the admin sticky posts for an example. Post the suspicious activity: Scam, Fraudulent Intent, Larceny or whatever. Keep your wording concise. Just the suspicious activity and nothing else.

-Next a VERY brief synopsis of the action(s). Each on it's own line. Ex:
A. Misleading Advertising. When and Where. (Fraud) or
A. After you have made a payment -person- fails to deliver goods as promised. When and Where. (Deliberate or negligent Larceny) or
A. Delivery of different goods than those agreed upon. When and Where. (Fraud - bait and switch)
And so on. Keep it as brief as possible. The details come later. When and where leads directly to the following chronology.
Take note. Fraud involves deception. Larceny involves unlawful taking of property including money.

-Next. Chronology of events. Terse and concise in the format Date, suspect action (advertising X), Your action, Suspects action, your action etc. Each new date a new line.
1-1-21 Read advertisement and contacted -person- by -method-.
1-3-21 Received reply. Placed order with -person.
and so on.

So for an example.
* Suspect(s): Person, person person.
* Suspected fraud.
* Suspicious actions or activities.
* Dates of activities.

Simple and concise. One glance gives you full scope of the grievance.

Now you can follow up with details. Each detail must refer to the above so the reader will know exactly Who, What, Where and When. Again, maintain chronological order.

Errata: This is the established format used in making a police report. It is what the prosecuting attorney will use when deciding to open a case. Unless the officer likes getting all his/her effort shoved back into his/her inbox for clarification (and possibly getting an arse chewing from your supervisor), you follow the proper format and include all pertinent details.
(Trust me. I'm an expert and having to redo my paperwork on my day off, along with getting little acid laced memos from my big cheese to wit: PLANET EARTH CALLING. VISIT US BEFORE WRITING YOUR REPORT or THE DA DOESN'T SPEAK URDU. TRY ENGLISH)