Poor lil' Pokey


Old Timer
Mar 26, 2003
Hey guys, I was doin a routine check on all my T's when I came across my little 1" P. ornata. I had noticed that for about the last month or so the little dude hadnt wanted to eat, I tried the smallest crix that the local pet store offered but no luck. Then I tried small silk worms that I actually had ordered for my lot of baby jackson chameleons. STILL nothin, so I thought, HMMPH! pre-molt. Today when it was his/her turn, I noticed somethin a lil peculiar. When I jarred its container it would appear to have a "siezure" or something. When it did this it looked like a molt position, you know the carapace top pops and they slide out, only backwards. The legs went straight up over the "head". Anyone else see anything like that before. I have put it in a delicup with no substrate for now with a warm damp paper towel just incase its gonna molt. I have had tremendous success with this technique in the past so dont knock it til you try it. lol. Whatever help you guys could give would be GREATLY appreciated, pokies are my faves. Thanx.