pinktoes died; why


Old Timer
Nov 10, 2006
animal control actually contacts me when there are going to be any contaminants in the area even though all of my animal rooms are safe from toxins.

I have probably 10 or more different species and they all got the same everything. Are the pinks more sensative to temperature fluctuations? We were having a problem with the heat in that room. WEll....heat then comfort, then heat, then comfort.

And I am thinking now that they just didn't have enough air able to move through their containers. There was no air moving at all hardly during that time. That is one thing we were fighting with the other animals also. I had to hold some hamsters in the palm of my hand in the window to revive them. It was like everything was smothering. It was a nightmare. Even with fans on, it was just hot air if we could get the flow around the room at all. It is fixed now and has been for a while. Thank God!

But really I cannot believe I did not lose any other specie a